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The Wife of Cain - an Animal?

One of the most popular "gotcha" questions from scoffers (the kind of question they presume cannot be answered properly) is, "Where did Cain get his wife?" There are people who are genuinely interested in the answer — including some Christians. Biblical creationists can provide an answer.

There are professing Christians who may make nods at believing the Bible, but some of their beliefs are...truly bizarre. They spiritualize, allegorize, mythicize, excise, and do other things to Genesis to avoid believing what it plainly says. Now it is more like, "What was Cain's wife?"

Neanderthal Woman, PLOS One / WikiComm (now deleted) / Bacon PCH (CC BY 2.5), Modified at PhotoFunia

People are so bamboozled by the perceived authority of science, they put those ever-changing secular views of history and origins above Scripture. Can't be seen as an evolution denier or people will say mean things about me. (Did you ever carry your cross through town, buddy?) But some tinhorns are messing with the Bible so they can put evolution in it. By doing this, they are not only undermining the gospel message, but also giving ammunition to enemies of God!

For them, Adam and Eve were the products of evolution. In a move that would make atheists' claims that we believe in magic or fairy tales seem justified: God gave souls to those almost-people. Also, disregarding the answers about Cain's wife that are readily available, someone says he married one of these animals.

"Hey, Cain! Where'd you get that sweet young thing? I gotta get me one of those!"

Remember, before their fully-human status was established, Neanderthals were a part of the evolutionary parade; not much more than animals. Yee haw boy howdy, this idea causes more problems than it intends to solve. It is not internally consistent, nor is it plausible.

Writing in the February edition of Christianity Magazine (UK), local-flood advocate David Instone-Brewer suggests that Cain was forced to marry an intelligent animal. In other words, a being with a human form and soul (Hebrew: nephesh; Greek: psuchē) that looked like him, but without a spirit (Hebrew: ruach; Greek: pneuma). He claims that like humans, animals possess a soul which gives emotions and individuality, but they lack a spirit which gives the capacity for a personal relationship with God, and he comments that the Bible is consistent on this distinction.

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