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That Stuff about Contradictory Creation Accounts in Genesis

Professing atheists and others who reject the authority of the Bible look for excuses to say it contains errors and contradictions. When given serious attention, charges of contradictions are quickly refuted. It seems that atheists and other scoffers pass along talking points, no matter how vacuous, instead of thinking.

At first glance, the first two chapters of Genesis may give someone a reason to pause. An honest reading shows that they are not contradictory. Indeed, they were written to be read one after the other.

Fall of Adam and Eve via Hippopx
It may seem that the second chapter of Genesis contradicts the first chapter in the order of creation, but take a closer look. Notice that other aspects of creation are not discussed. Indeed, it becomes clear that the sections are complementary, not contradictory. The second chapter spells out details about the creation of man. Also, the original language and grammar give us important clues.
Between the creation of Adam and the creation of Eve, the KJV/AV Bible says (Genesis 2:19) “out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air”. On the surface, this seems to say that the land beasts and birds were created between Adam and Eve. However, Jews, including Jesus and the Apostles, evidently did not recognize any such conflict with the account in chapter 1, where Adam and Eve were both created after the beasts and birds (Genesis 1:23–25). Why is this?

To learn why this is and other important details, click on "Genesis contradictions?" You may want to keep this link handy, as the accusation of a contradiction crops up every once in a while.