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Building a Solid Dome Sky in Genesis

As we saw before, misotheists and professing Christians with a liberal bent sometimes say that the ancient Hebrews believed the sky was a solid dome, and the waters were above it (Gen. 1:6-8). This idea falls apart under examination. Further, some owlhoots say the ancient Hebrews borrowed mythologies from their pagan neighbors.

C'mon, man, that's malarkey! The song "Denomination Blues" by Washington Phillips has a line, ". . . you can go to the college, and you can go to the school, but if you ain't got Jesus you're an educated fool." That fits what has happened.

Liberal scholars thought they had proof that ancient Jews and their neighbors believed the sky was a dome. A Mesopotamian tablet shows otherwise.
Sun-God Tablet, Wikimedia Commons / Zunkir (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Somehow, it seems to be intellectual to denigrate the Bible — especially Genesis. Such thinking also assumes ancient people were stupid because they had recently evolved. It does a disservice to the monotheistic Jews, and other near-Eastern myths are found in the Bible. These "educated" people had proof of what Mesopotamians believed about the solid dome and all that good stuff.

It was a stone tablet with an inscription. Their solid dome interpretations were way, way off. Like evolutionists, these scholars "saw" evidence for their views that didn't exist. They would not have embarrassed themselves so much if they trusted God and his Word.

In discussions of Bible/science issues with non-believers, one is likely to encounter the allegation that Scripture presents a false picture of the heavens, rooted in ancient ignorance. According to this trope, the author of the creation account believed that the sky had a solid ceiling—the ‘firmament’ of Genesis 1:6. . . . This interpretation fails for several reasons that have often been overlooked. Nevertheless, even some evangelical scholars claim that the biblical authors were simply reflecting widespread, prescientific views of their time, as shown by texts and artifacts from the ancient Near East.

To read it all, excavate "The Mesopotamian sun god tablet and biblical cosmology."