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Christian Students and Advanced Degrees

Some Christians may be reluctant to obtain advanced degrees, and it is possible to see why. The secular science industry has its tendrils in academia and such an environment is predominantly atheistic. Some professors actively seek to destroy the faith of Christian students.

The world needs Christians being salt and light in various occupations, especially those in the sciences. Some scientists who are biblical creationists advise, in essence, that creationist students should keep low profiles about their beliefs so they can get the training and graduate.

Graduation paper, Pexels / Ekrulila
It has been rightly said that evolution makes atheists out of people, and there are people who professed to be Christians who lost their faith at universities. Maneuvering the secular minefield can be scary for Christian students who want to advance in their learning, but it doesn't have to be disastrous for them.

Yes, learn what they are teaching — but you don't have to accept fake science. Yes, answer the test questions and give them what they want (my father used "the book says...") to get a good grade. No, you don't have to compromise your integrity.

There is no hiding from evolutionary indoctrination and secular beliefs. Christians are bombarded with worldly beliefs at every turn. To guard against negative influences,  we need to be grounded in the Word of God and to be biblically literate. There are many resources (including the one you're looking at right now) that present biblical creation science and evidences for the faith. The article featured below presents some other things that should prove useful and encouraging for students who want advanced degrees.
I eagerly encourage all Christian students who have the intellectual aptitude, calling, and desire to pursue an advanced degree to go ahead and do it. And do it with all their might!

Our society is in dire need of more Christians in academia to reclaim science for God. Whether we realize it or not, many of the drastic shifts from Christian values we see in society today have advanced in society due to the strategic work of activists starting in the academic system.

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