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Christmas and the Big Picture

At this writing, we are in the final days before Christmas 2022. From the condition of the formerly United States to other parts of the world, and even in the lives of individuals, some people are not feeling it. Put up the tree, watch some movies, buy presents. Depression is rampant at Christmas.

We get focused on our obligations, our problems, our ailments. All those songs about feeling happy seem to make things worse for some of us. I reckon that the problem is not with Christmas (how can it be?), but with our focus.

For many people, the Christmas season is decidedly not the most wonderful time of the year. We need to get the big picture of what is happening from the Bible.
Bible and Christmas, Pixabay / congerdesign
It's time to saddle up and ride to the top of the hill and get the big picture. The big stores, songs about "the most wonderful time of the year" (which are nonsensical outside certain latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), other trappings are add-ons or even corruptions of the true meaning of Christmas. It is far, far greater in its scope and impact than people can imagine, and prophesied back in Genesis!
The Christmas classic ballet The Nutcracker spins the tale of a wooden nutcracker whose fight against the evil Mouse King transforms him back to a prince. The true Christmas story is far more miraculous and magnificent: the Prince of Peace took on human flesh, conquered sin and Satan by His death and Resurrection, and reconciles sinful believers to the holy God.

I hope you'll take about six minutes to read the rest of the article over at "The Creator in the Manger."