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The Problem with God Begins at Creation

Many people claim they have a problem with God, or that God has a problem, because they think he is wicked or incapable. They are making their case from a limited perspective. We are human and God is infinite; the created cannot fully understand the Creator.

In addition, people are in rebellion against him. Misotheists pretend God does not exist, then absurdly ridicule Christians who say that there is plenty of evidence for him (Romans 1:18-23). Read or listen more and they are condemning God to justify themselves (Job 40:8). The most common complain is evil in the world.

People who pretend God does not exist, or that he is wicked or incapable, argue from a arbitrary and limited standards. Consider his point of view.
Question mark and big door, Unsplash / Jac Alexandru
Of course, things God considers evil are often accepted by these people. They are working from personal preferences and arbitrary standards.

There's a prairie schooner-full of speculation, guesswork, uninformed opinions, prejudicial conjecture and all that good stuff used to contemplate and "explain" God. Very disrespectful. How about his point of view and getting proper information from the source? There are many resources available (including the one linked below), but the answers ultimately come from the written Word of God.
The world is a mess. AIDS, genocide, child slavery, starvation, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and terrorism—where did these evils come from, and how could a loving God allow people to endure so many horrible tragedies? Even many Christians find themselves asking the same piercing question:

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