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The Spiritual Realm, UFOs, and Dark Matter?

When people say that something is spiritual, the connotation is of wispy and ghostlike things, or simply the unseen. Since we are spiritual beings that live in bodies, that concept is not quite right. There is also the spiritual realm that theologians and others have discussed for many years. Where is that?

Despite being materialists, secularists know that there is more to people than just being meat machines. They have tried to find the soul and the origin of consciousness, but were doomed to failure from the get-go because of their presuppositions.

While secularists deny spiritual realities in general, some are admitting UFOs may be of a spiritual nature. Some people say dark matter is linked.
UFO at night via PxHere
People are beginning to realize what some Christians have been saying for a long time: UFOs (well, now the term is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) are of a spiritual, not physical, nature. Spirit beings such as angels and demons can pop into our realm from the one in which they live and show themselves — or be active and unseen. Some of us contend that UFOs and space aliens are demonic. It has been suggested that dark matter is linked to the spiritual realm.

The idea of space aliens is actually rooted in the Big Bang if you study on it a spell. Billions of years ago, things began evolving and eventually advanced civilizations evolved way out yonder. Although most creationists reject dark matter (not all secular scientists accept it, either), a few believe it is possible. While it is used to rescue the Big Bang, Dr. Danny Faulkner points out that dark matter was alleged long before the Big Bang was polished up and presented.

What follows is a feedback article where the inquirer asked several questions on this material. His letter struck me as rather disjointed. The response has some interesting points.
Tim L. wrote in citing an interview with Hugh Ross and the UFO phenomenon, and if there might be any connection between the concept of dark matter and the Bible’s spiritual realm. Gary Bates responds.

Take a look at "UFOs, dark matter and Hugh Ross — Is dark matter an explanation to the spiritual realm?"