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Claiming that Jesus was Wrong about Creation

Although unplanned, this post fits well with "Old-Earth Inerrancy Contradicts Itself." There are quite a few professing Christians that claim to believe the Bible, but upon further inquiry, we see that they are riding the owlhoot trail — they rejected the authority of Scripture.

One way to distort the truth is to blur it by putting secular science views in the magisterial position. Some go as far as to say that Jesus was wrong about creation because he did not have the enlightenment of modern science.

Professing Christians who believe in theistic evolution and an old earth make wild claims about Jesus. These have implications for all of Scripture.
It is easy for a Bible-believing Christian to wonder if those folks, who are married up with an old earth view, have bothered to think things through. Such a position cascades throughout all of Scripture. Some say Jesus was wrong, as were Peter, Paul, and others. This negates the Bible's trustworthiness, and also denies the Deity of God the Son, who is the Creator. Salvation become impossible!

Recently, I was involved in an exchange with someone whose thinking on the age of the earth and the Bible was as firm as ball bearings in a food processor. He seemed to believe the Bible, yet denied plain teachings: The earth is very old, but believes the creation of man was within 6,000 years; yes, the Genesis Flood was global (but the Flood supports a young earth); no biblical evidence can be presented to support recent creation and literal days (he was given the truth). When he was refuted on every point, he bailed out but continued posting material by old earth compromisers.

As stated before, I believe that theistic evolutionists are Deists with Gnostic views. Old earth creationists are not far behind. Such people need to seriously examine evidence for recent creation. More importantly, they need to see the catastrophic effects and implications caused by their compromises.

The standard secular timeline, from an alleged ‘big bang’ some 15 billion years ago to now, is accepted by most people in the evangelical Christian world,d even though many would deny evolution. Some would even say that to dispute billions of years is to place an unnecessary stumbling block in the way of any scientifically-minded potential converts.

This is in contrast to the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator made flesh, as well as several of the biblical authors, which makes it plain that this is wrong—people were there from the beginning of creation. But in the evolutionary timeline, people have only been around for one or two million years—this puts them toward the end of the timeline. This means that He is most definitely claiming that the world cannot be billions of years old.

It would be in your best interest to read the rest at "Jesus on the age of the earth." Come on, man! No more malarkey. Who is on the Lord's side?