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Five Kinds of Life in Genesis

Mockers as well as compromisers on biblical authority point to Genesis 2:17 and say that it is untrue, that Adam did not drop dead when he ate the forbidden fruit. Therefore, Genesis cannot be taken more than a fictional story or allegory. A more in-depth approach shows that they are wrong.

Knowledge of the Bible is necessary, and it is very helpful to get the perspective of people who have spent time studying and writing about it. One of these is Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Genesis 2:17 has been mocked because Adam did not drop dead when he ate that fruit. C.H. Spurgeon has insightful material to help our understanding.
Although this child has taken heat from both Calvinists and Arminians for refusing to identify with either group, Spurgeon is popular with Calvinists. That doesn't matter here, because the man referred to as the Prince of Preachers has some important material for us. He preached a huge number of sermons, and was known for keeping his listener enthralled. Spurgeon also was faithful to Scripture and spoke so that people could understand his messages. The sermons on Five Kinds of Life help give us a fuller understanding of this part of Genesis.
Some liberal theologians have used this verse to undermine and discredit the authority of the Genesis account of creation. They say that, obviously, Adam did not die when he ate the forbidden fruit, so they use that as an excuse to allegorize the entire creation account and so make God out to be a liar. A superficial reading of the passage seems to confirm that their understanding is correct, but like many things in the Bible, this requires a little study. God did not lie, nor can he lie (Hebrews 6:18), so their interpretation must be false. Before we can understand this passage in its entirety, we must first get an understanding of what the Bible means by life. I have found some sermons preached by Spurgeon that help explain.

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