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William Lane Craig: Denying Biblical Truth?

Long ago when I was first becoming serious about apologetics, I followed Dr. Craig. While he could easily dismantle atheism, some things made me uneasy. When it came to ridiculing biblical creationists, I was done. Later, I learned of his belief in molinism and dancing around biblical inerrancy.

Craig has been garnering attention with his book In Quest of the Historical Adam, where he bushwhacks not only biblical creationists, but foundational beliefs in Scripture. He has clearly saddled up to ride with the fifth column of theistic evolution and rejection of biblical authority.

Unsplash / Aaron Burden (modified)
Of course, Craig is not stupid or inexperienced, which makes the downward spiral of his material all the more execrable. Several creationists have analyzed his book and pointed out serious errors in reasoning, and revealing his disdain for the Bible. By my reckoning, to say that Adam was not real when Jesus, Paul, and others in the Bible said he was was, and to relegate Genesis to mythology, is to call them liars. This also impugns the integrity of Scripture — and of God. Would God mix truth with a lie? Not hardly!
In a recent interview discussing his new book In Quest of the Historical Adam, philosopher and Christian apologist William Lane Craig acknowledged his biased assumptions when interpreting how the words of the Bible should be understood. What prejudices his interpretation of words contrary to their plain and normal meaning is his longstanding “great fear” that young-earth creationists are correct that the book of Genesis should be understood as real history.1 Dr. Craig is concerned that this would require a wholesale challenge to all of modern science. However, during the interview Dr. Craig made numerous revealing claims that show that science has nothing to do with why he rejects a historical Genesis.

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