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Christian Worship and Evolution

The natural response of those who believe in salvation through Jesus Christ aone is worship. It should not be necessary to consider who or what God is, we should know that God is our Creator and Redeemer. When people in the Bible were in the presence of the Almighty, they were overcome with a sense of their own unworthiness, reverence, and tremendous awe. They worshiped him.

When professing Christians mix long ages and evolution with the Bible, they are seriously contaminating worship of Almighty God.
Credit: Unsplash / Diana Simumpande
Indeed, ancient Christian creeds like the Apostolic and Nicene begin by affirming that God is our Creator. Unfortunately, too many professing Christians have chosen reject biblical authority. They ride the owlhoot trail and try to mix long ages and evolution with biblical Christianity. This contaminates true worship. It also demonstrates ignorance of the Bible's plain teachings as well as adding atheistic interpretations of modern science philosophies to their worship. How confused is that? God is not weak and did not need millions of years to cause life to evolve, nor did he let us be deceived by Scripture until atheists told us what really happened regarding origins.

Before I give an excerpt of the featured article, I want to share a couple of related videos. Neither one is short, but both are interesting and helpful. Ken Ham had a debate with a Reasons to Believe representative named Jeff Zweerink. Although I think Ham left some things out that could have been said, he did a good job. You can tell that Zweerink was uncomfortable and incoherent when justifying his compromises. To watch this video and read the article, click on "Watch Ken Ham Debate Jeff Zweerink of Reasons to Believe". The other video is by Dr. Albert Mohler as he addresses the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on God's creation of male and female in his image. Although there are items specific for Southern Baptist doctrines, the message is important to the church as a whole. To hear this, click on "Male and Female Created He Them".

Now, about that problem with worship and evolution...
At Moody Bible Institute, I was taught the church’s mission could be organized into three basic functions: worship, evangelism, and the edification (building up) of believers. If a church undertook an activity that couldn’t reasonably be plugged into one of those functions, then that activity was a distraction from its mission. Have you ever considered the effect evolution has on our worship of God?
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