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Praying to Plants?

This is one of those times when we may wonder if the apostasy of the end times is upon us, especially with the extremely rapid moral decline in society. It is one thing for people to have no concern or even contempt for God, but to pray and confess our sins to plants?

When alleged Christians begin praying to plants, you can be reasonably sure that they have rejected their foundations.
Some Native Americans would pray to the spirits of the animals they had killed, and they had other elements of pantheism and animism in their eclectic religions. Now some global warming activists and owlhoots at an allegedly Christian seminary are having people confess their sins to plants. Union Theological Seminary was, for a short time, orthodox in its theology until it became extremely liberal. They are the ones involved in these shenanigans.

Let's ride up on the hill and look at the bigger view for a spell. We have to look all the way back to Genesis, where God gave us dominion and stewardship over creation. Plants were created on the third day of creation week, with land animals and, ultimately, humans on the sixth day. Biblically, plants are not alive in the sense of nephesh chayyāh (נפש חיה), having the breath of life. This term is used for humans and animals, but never for plants. I'll allow that it may seem that way at times, since plants actually communicate (for example, see "Tree Mail in the Wood Wide Web"). They are not sentient beings, despite the desires of New Age foolishness.

Further, there were no carnivores at the very beginning (Gen 1:29-30). This happened after the Fall where Adam and Eve's sin affected all creation. People started gnawing on critters after the Flood (Gen. 9:2-3). Nothing in the Bible about praying to animals or people, but only to God.

Not only have these "spiritual" people abandoned the foundations of the Christian faith, they are also using evolutionary thinking. According to them, we all came from a common ancestor, so humans are not special in their worldview. It is a strange mix of atheistic materialism and pagan religious practices to have so-called Christians confessing "sins" to plants. That's not how it work, pilgrim.

I would like to turn you over to the inspiration for this here post, Dr. Albert Mohler. He has three segments in his podcast that are downright startling: Part I: "Union Theological Seminary Confesses Sin to Plants: If You Do Not Worship the Creator, You Will Worship the Creation". Part II: "The Worldview of the ‘Corn Mother’ — A Sign of Cultural Insanity". Part III" Do Plants Talk to You? One Scientist Insists that They Speak to Her". I'd be much obliged if you would listen online, download the MP3, or read the transcript. To do this, click on The Briefing Thursday, September 19, 2019.

As for me and probably most rational people, I am going to pray to the giver of food, not to the food itself.