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Evolution and the Nature of God

You may have noticed that purveyors of atoms-to-astronomer evolution are very evangelistic, making efforts to destroy the faith of Bible believers. It would not surprise me if they eventually wore name badges and white shirts, rode bicycles and came to your door with the "good news" of Darwinism. Some try to tell us that God created through evolution.

Adding evolution to the Bible impugns the nature of God. Evolution is cruel and wasteful, which is no secret among its adherents.
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Look at all the wonders and beauty around us. Mother Nature perfected everything through the magic of evolution, you know. That may sound good, but these sidewinders are deceitful. Way back in the thrilling days of yesteryear, I presented creation science talks in churches. One point I raised is that evolution is that evolution is wasteful and cruel, thought some wolves among us who profess to believe the Bible want us to embrace Darwin. Of course, atheists want to destroy our faith and have us to add evolution. No surprise there, it's who they are and what they do.

Although he believes in evolution, one devotee implores us to holler "Whoa!" to human evolution. Does someone in authority send out a memo, "Okay, all y'all stop evolving right now"? I thought evolution was an inexorable mystical force of materialism that supersedes God.

Evolution is a wasteful, cruel, inefficient method, and I am glad it is false. It impugns the nature of God and violates Scripture — indeed, it also violates the gospel message. Indeed, indicating that God "needs" evolution is insulting the Creator! Professing Christians who claim to believe the Bible need to cowboy up and learn what it really says.
A few sentences from this evolutionist’s plea should cure theologians of theistic evolution.

Under the shadow of the March of Progress icon, geneticist Alasdair Mackenzie shouts, “It’s time we stopped human evolution” — really? That should start a conversation—The Conversation. Isn’t evolution an engine of progress? Isn’t it God’s method of populating the Earth with endless things most beautiful? At its base, isn’t Mother Nature a benevolent, caring force?
I'd be much obliged if you'd read the rest of the article, "Evolutionist Cries, We Must Stop Human Evolution!"