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The Deity of Jesus

Some people try to do away with the extremely important doctrine of the deity of Jesus. Some will give a simplistic reaction along the lines of, "He never said 'I am God'", somehow demanding that exact phrase in the Bible, and ignoring all the other evidence that Jesus did indeed claim deity. Other owlhoots such as cultists, atheists, and liberal theologians sidestep the truth for their own purposes.

Scripture clearly indicates that Jesus is God
Credit: Unsplash / Jacob Meyer
The idea that Jesus is not who he claims is an ancient heresy called Arianism, which was made by Arius in the 4th century. It has been around in various forms for all these years, and the most common example is evinced in the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

As C.S. Lewis pointed out in Mere Christianity, it is nonsensical to claim that Jesus was a "great moral teacher" while claiming to be God. Indeed, Christianity itself is worthless if Jesus is not God in the flesh, our Creator, who died for our sins and then bodily rose from the dead.

I have three items to present. The first is a rather lengthy article that gives conclusive evidence from the New Testament that Jesus is God. Second, a sermon by Phil Johnson that I found fascinating (and hope you will agree) that the Bible establishes the deity of Christ. He also makes some other historical references. Third, links to three sermons on the first chapter of John by Dr. Albert Mohler.  I hope you will bookmark or otherwise save this link or the ones below for future reference.

Here is the article:
I’ve heard many people, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses, say that the Bible does not teach that Jesus is God. In response to that claim, I took a deep dive into Scripture, particularly the New Testament, to see how much evidence there really is for the deity of Jesus. What I found was astounding. There is overwhelming evidence that the NT authors intended to present Jesus as God come in the flesh. In this “article,” I’m providing a resource for you to use next time someone challenges you on this issue.
I go through the books or sections of the New Testament noting different times that Jesus is revealed as God. Though this is not an exhaustive list, I have identified more than 120 verses or passages that express the divinity of Jesus in some way. Some of the verses taken by themselves are not absolute proof of his divinity, but when viewed along with the many other passages on the subject, they strengthen the case for the deity of Christ.
Jesus is either claiming to be God, accepting or demanding worship, claiming to possess attributes that only God can possess, claiming to do things that only God can do (and then doing miracles to prove it), or others are making these claims about Jesus.
To read the rest (get comfy, it's long but worth it), click on "The Divinity of Jesus Revealed in the New Testament".

Next is the sermon that I mentioned. It is called "Jesus is YHWH", and is free to listen online or you can download the MP3.

Finally, three sermons by Dr. Mohler, also free to listen online or download the MP3s:
John 1:1-3, then  John 1:3, finally John 1:4-8.