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Is God Foolish?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

People get mighty fond of their learning and intelligence, and usually detest being called ignorant or stupid. Humanistic philosophies elevate "science" (which is a philosophy in and of itself) to supreme authority and importance in matters of truth. Mankind as a whole looks down on God and considers his wisdom as foolishness. Quote miners may find the phrase "the foolishness of God" and use it to their own advantage. Inquisitive honest people may want to read the source, 1 Corinthians 1:25, and see that it means something completely different.

People are fond of their wisdom, and consider the wisdom of God to be foolishness. The opposite is true.
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Those who are wise in the eyes of the world arrogantly require God to do things their way, and fallaciously claim that if they cannot understand God's methods, he does not exist. What happens is that they become idolators, creating a false god that they can reference but has nothing to do with the true Creator God as revealed in the Bible.

The wisdom of man? God doesn't pay that no nevermind (Isaiah 29:14, 33:18, 1 Cor. 1:20-25). It really puts a burr under the saddles of humanistic intellectuals that God has not seen fit to have people encounter him on their terms and in their alleged wisdom. Instead, he has revealed his ways to the humble (Matt. 11:25-30). Believers are fools according to worldly wisdom, which is arbitrary and resorts to the genetic fallacy! Indeed, the knowledge we have is because God has given it to us, whether we believe he exists or not; without God, knowledge is impossible (Prov. 1:7, 2:6).

Let me stop here and refer you to a couple of excellent sermons by Dr. John MacArthur that go into detail on this. Like just about everything else I recommend, they are free to listen online or download. Or you can read the transcripts: "The Foolishness of God, Part 1" and "The Foolishness of God, Part 2". I'm letting y'all off easy, there's a 12-sermon series I wanted to post...

Humanists, professing atheists, "wise" people — they make up their own standards and rules, then promptly make a passel of logical fallacies. In a debate with James White (who argues from a Calvinist position), atheist David Silverman showed the paucity of atheistic thinking. He made false accusations and committed atrocious logical fallacies in his efforts to make God the bad guy, bringing to mind Job 40:8. He even redefined "straw man" to suit his own purposes and justify his use of it! Silverman acted like an anthropologist and historian with his fantasy about the origin of "religion", but when challenged about cosmic evolution, he said, "I am not a cosmologist". Further, when cornered about theology, Silverman said, "I am in no position to interpret". His worldview is arbitrary and inconsistent; atheism itself is incoherent. Also notice that Silverman goes back to the Christian foundation: Genesis.

To see David Silverman show his sidewinder nature in the debate with James White, brace yourself, the whole shootin' match runs about three hours. (I grabbed software to convert it to MP3 so I could hear it at my leisure, and option worth considering.) It's worth hearing to see worldly "logic" and "reason" in action, and what is considered the foolishness of God is still light years above the wisdom of man. For the video of the debate on whether or not the New Testament is evil, click here.

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