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The Creator in the Psalms

Some people try to pass off Genesis as some sort of poetic imagery or allegory of creation, but if you study on it a spell, you'll see that such a claim doesn't hold water. For one thing, take a look at what Jesus believed about Genesis, as well as the other writers through the Bible who referred to Genesis as history.

Genesis is written as history, not allegory or poetry. However, poetic sections of Scripture help us gain a fuller understanding of Creation in the Bible.
King David Playing the Harp, Gerrit van Honthorst, 1611
However, we do find poetry about creation outside of the early chapters of Genesis, and they have some mighty powerful and interesting messages for us. Here is a series of three articles by Lita Cosner of Creation Ministries International:
Also, Dr. Ben Scripture has been doing an intermittent series of "Scripture on the Creator". These are about fifteen minutes each. To listen, click on this link, and then the "Launch Sermon Player" link so you can scroll up and down to select the messages.

We need to gain a proper understanding of God's work in creation, but also appreciate its significance in Scripture, and to uphold the authority of God's Word.