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Crooks: Why Unbelievers Hate Christians Part 2

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Edited October 26,2015

I discussed the origins of "Why Unbelievers Hate Christians" in "Making Money From End of the World Fears", the reading of which is optional but helpful. The essence of this unintended series is that Christians are hated from the get-go because we are followers of Jesus, and because the cross of Christ is offensive itself. Problem is, there are professing Christians who stupidly give the world reasons to ridicule us.

Yes, we have crooks in our midst. Not only are there false teachers giving a feel good message without repentance and without the blood of Christ, but there are con men and women who are using the gospel for money (1 Peter 5:2, Titus 1:11). Jimmy Swaggart was caught with a prostitute (was disciplined by the Assemblies of God, rejected it, and went independent), televangelist Jim Bakker was nailed for fraud and a sex scandal (now he's back, people don't seem to learn), various preachers have been caught in adultery and fraud, the Mark Driscoll plagiarism controversy, and more. Those are people who have done serious wrongs, and when legitimate Christian organizations do fund raisers, atheists falsely accuse them of being scam artists out of hatred, not because of genuine proof of wrongdoing — yet they excuse wealthy Clinton Richard Dawkins of getting wealthier from the profits of bigotry, but never mind about that now.

Unbelievers hate Christians because the cross is offensive. Unfortunately, con artists and crooks like Kong Hee give them valid reasons to laugh at us.

One religious rock star is Kong Hee of City Harvest Church in Singapore. (I hesitate to call him "Christian" because of his extreme heresies, see this episode of Fighting for the Faith for more about that.) His "pastor" wife (wrong, click here, also 2 Tim 2:12-14, 1 Tim. 3:2) wanted to be a music star, and he misappropriated church money for her career. Now Kong Hee has been found guilty and is facing jail time. Some of us hope he learns and repents, but this is another injury to the body of Christ and our testimony to the world. Worse, other false teachers and deluded people still support him! It's one thing to suffer because we're Christians (1 Peter 4:14, Matt. 5:11-12), but quite another to suffer punishment for being a crook but still playing the victim card. No wonder unbelievers laugh. 

Although we're human, actual Christians (not the fakers and apostates) are called to a higher standard. Addendum: Chris Rosebrough has some interesting points on the October 23 edition of Fighting for the Faith that I strongly encourage you to hear.