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Special Revelation is Superior to Natural Revelation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Some Christians say that nature is the "67th book of the Bible" because "natural revelation" (Romans 1:19-20) comes from God and cannot conflict with Scripture. However, there is a caveat that nature needs to be properly understood. People who do that tend to be compromisers, interpreting the written Word of God in light of current science trends and philosophies.

I remember reading how an old-earth Christian was excited about how the Big Bang had been "proven right", so his faith had support. Our faith is supposed to be in Scripture (Isaiah 40:8, Matthew 24:35), not ever-changing naturalistic interpretations of what is observed by scientists. Indeed, what did this guy do when his "proof" of the Big Bang was dropped on the dusty trail? Worse, some of these people will compromise with evolution, saying that God used it in creation, as if adding God to atheistic views somehow gives that a blessing.

Some Christians make the "general revelation" of nature on the same level with Scripture. However, the revelation in the Bible is superior. Here is some material that shows why.

Natural revelation has an important place, but the Bible is superior, and should not be subjected to the magisterial view of atheistic science philosophies (Proverbs 30:6). There are two things I want to recommend to you. First, the book Refuting Compromise by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. Although it deals with weird science and bad theological compromises Dr. Hugh Ross, it covers a great deal of ground that refutes old earth views. My review of that is at "'Refuting Compromise' — With a Chainsaw".

I strongly recommend that you download and hear this episode of Fighting for the Faith. Chris Rosebrough played a sermon by Phil Johnson on "The Superiority of Scripture", the download is free, and it runs just over an hour. I found it extremely informative (in fact, I was downright excited about it and started to play it a second time right away), and hope you will, too. Click on "Fighting for the Faith: The Superiority of Scripture".