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Pray for the Persecuted Christians

In 2013, November 3 is the International Day of Prayer for persecuted Christians. The majority of the persecution comes from Muslim and atheist regimes. Many countries make a claim to have "freedom of worship", but that is not freedom of religion, it is simply a way to say, "Keep it in the building and then shut up about it". (Some atheists actually say that there is no persecution of Christians, even going as far as to rewrite history, but I believe that they are being antagonistic, willingly ignorant or outright dishonest; even Wikipedia has an article on it.) Persecution comes from many sources.

Nero's Torches (Christian Candlesticks) / Henryk Siemiradzki, 1876 / Wikimedia Commons / PD
The concept of Christian persecution is long ago and far away to people in the West, with images of the Roman Colosseum in their minds. But it is very real today. Some of us have it very comfortable and take our beliefs for granted. Much of our "persecution" is bigotry and discrimination, but we seldom are called upon to be tortured or die for our faith. With the rise of militant Islam and the erosion of the rights of Christians from secularists and militant atheists — it is coming. Persecution is happening, and increasing, but we do not "feel" it so keenly, yet. Perhaps the real believers will be weeded out from the pretenders? That seems to happen whenever persecution comes.

Please commit to pray for the persecuted believers. Not just once a year on a designated annual event, but every day. For more information on the persecution of Christians: