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Saturday Resource: Evolution Sunday?

As I mentioned in yesterday's brief episode (the one with the ninety seconds long audio clip), churches are sliding so far downhill that pastors are using material from atheists to promote evolution from the pulpit!

I feel that Christians who actually believe the word of God should not only be having "Creation Sunday" in their churches, but actively promoting "Question Evolution Day" (and questioning evolution every day with Scripture and science). One of the purposes of this Weblog is to encourage Christians to grow in the Word (2 Peter 3.18) and be able to stand for the truth (Jude 1.3, 2 Peter 3.15). Saying that Genesis is "just allegory" and compatible with evolution is not being truthful. (Quick example, the order of creation in Genesis has nothing to do with the sequence expected in evolutionism philosophies.) In fact, it is destructive to the gospel to compromise.

Here is today's resource. It is from "Crosstalk", "VCY America. I strongly urge you to listen to the interview with Ken Ham, as well as the calls from listeners afterward (I am particularly fond of a couple of the calls). There is a "Listen" section with several options (right-click to download), but this appears before the show's description. I am also attempting to link here, so you can listen: