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Surrendering to the Laziness of Atheism

Edited 5 December 2021 

To be a Bible-believing Christian (as opposed to a "cultural" or in name only) is not easy. It may seem tempting to put our beliefs out to pasture and embrace the laziness of atheism. We can sit back and say, "I lack belief", and demand proof for everything a Christian says, only to reject anything that does not meet our subjective criteria. Very lazy. Very selfish. But for a Christian, it means denying our very nature — and denying what we know is true.

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A Christian is born from above (1 Peter 1:3, John 3:3) and a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). To act in such a way means denying our very nature and rejecting what we know is true. Atheistic philosophies and excuse-making are ongoing. Just watch when a Christian wants to share evidence and have a discussion: atheists keep dodging and changing the subject, as well as attacking God and people.

It's also a safe religion as well as easy. Instead of being bullied, harassed, and persecuted, join those doing the persecuting. Further, hold Christians to what you think their moral standard is, but you don't have a consistent moral standard of your own! Thinking and logic are difficult, so just learn some terms, misapply them, and when caught, change the subject and attack. No worries, mate. Preach evolution, that's accepted, unlike the truth of biblical creation.

"Aren't you afraid they'll come after you, Cowboy Bob?"

Nope. My confidences is in the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth. Also, most are timorous and ridicule things from a safe distance; they don't read things and respond rationally.

If someone wants to have deeper answers through Bible-based philosophies, I recommend reading The Ultimate Proof of Creation by Dr. Jason Lisle (and videos such as this one), as well as Always Ready by Dr. Greg Bahnsen (there are many videos and audio-in-video-format posts available, here's a 4-in-1 for you to take in sections). For creation science evidence, there are thousands of links on this site alone.

Sometimes people consider riding the Owlhoot Trail and practicing the religion of atheism because of the trials of life (including intellectual bullying) and depression. That would cause not only tremendous cognitive dissonance, but depression would most likely deepen. Atheism is irrational and incoherent, but seeking God provides life and meaning.

J.R. from the United States writes:

Hello there! First, I’d like to thank the U.S. office for their response to an earlier question of mine. It made sense and helped me understand. Even though I’m a Christian I still struggle with emotional doubts and resisting the temptation to just believe materialistic notions because they don’t require intellectual strength, just “feeling faith.”

Today I have a question that has been bugging me for some time, concerning the moral argument for the existence of God. I was reading the article Why believe in objective morals? which is basically the sum of my question. If we follow evolutionary naturalism to its ultimate end concerning morality, we end up with morality simply being a useful illusion. I was looking for reasons for objective morality outside of feeling or personal interest. For instance, if someone is averse to things being done to them that harm them or a loved one, couldn’t the materialist just say that such aversion is a selfish desire?

CMI’s Shaun Doyle responds:

To read the rest (and I really hope you will), see "When atheism seems easy." There are additional links in the response that may also prove helpful.


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