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Cats, Computers, and God

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen What could the three subjects in the title possibly have in common? Not much, really. But there are  two things  from the Unusual Analogies Department that you may find interesting.  Also, just for fun, this is scheduled to publish at 10:11 AM Eastern Time on December 13, 2014. Yup: 10:11, 12-13-14 . It won't happen again. Cats "Going to check my mail now". Basement Cat "using" my wife's computer. How we got our Basement Cat is a long story. But there was a time that we didn't get along, and I didn't want the beast in the apartment. Now we're quite close.   I prefer the names that I put on her instead of her "real" name, but never mind about that now. Some people dislike cats because of their independent spirit, call them "sneaky", are annoyed because cats are cats and not dogs, or other reasons. When I was much younger, I complained to my mother about our cat and made a stupid accusation

A Song for Easter

Many Christians around the world are celebrating Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. He defeated death that we may live. Here is a music video, and two links for your edification. First, " The Argument from Easter " for God and the Christian worldview. Next, " What Does the Resurrection of Jesus Have to Do With Creation? "