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Dancing the Heresy Two-Step

We are seeing 2 Peter 3:3-4 happening right before our eyes. Worse than that, Christianity is being eaten away from the inside. People will proclaim themselves as modern prophets and apostles with "new revelations" from God. Christians should be saying, "Hang on a minute. Where did you get that from the Bible? Oh, you heard from God personally? You know, like Joseph Smith? The canon of Scripture is closed,  as are the offices of apostle and prophet. Let me check your presumptuous pronouncements against the written Word of God". Instead, too many are staring in wide-eyed wonder, being gullible, and being whipped into a frenzy by the false teachers.

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Many false teachers with throw some Scripture into the mix, but it's a bait 'n' switch tactic, the Heresy Two-Step. Be discerning and watchful. Notice that they are not fond of reading verses in context, often reading a bit and then telling you what the passage says. This is false, they're telling you what they want it to say and mean. Even worse, they elevate feelings and experiences above the Bible. "God spoke to me, I'm a prophet, I have stories of miracles that can't be substantiated." The undiscerning get all excited about it and think they're praising God for his miraculous works.

I'll allow that it's not easy sometimes, since some of these false teachers have good presentations with personality and humor; they're often likable. 

People don't want to hear the truth, that's why they're not walking out on hucksters that tell them to give a "seed offering" to their "ministries" so they'll be blessed. Watch for it, there's a Jewish feast time, and Heaven will pour riches on you! Liars.

In another disturbing aspect, there are false teachers who appeal to the other crowd: people who want to listen to a well-reasoned presentation. These, too, use a bait 'n' switch tactic, using a little bit of Bible. People will teach "doctrines" that have nothing to do with Scripture, and are the products of imagination and traditions that nullify the Word of God. They speak with confidence and authority, which is persuasive. Like theistic and other evolutionists, they steal from the scientific principle called "Making Stuff Up™", and make their pronouncements convincing.

Here are two podcasts from Fighting for the Faith that give examples of these things. Pastor Chris Rosebrough plays material right from the sources, and does a sermon review in the second hour. Yes, second hour. You can listen online or (right-click) download the MP3. I suggest you download it, but that's just me. To get the first audio, click on "Frozen 'The Sermon'". Second, and I know I'm asking a lot of you but these are important, "Doctrines That Were Made in America". For those who are pressed for time, there are a couple of comedy sketch and promotional breaks that you can move past. For "Frozen", you can skip from the 28 minute 42 second mark and resume at 37 minutes, and the second break is at 1 hour 3 minutes 40 seconds, resuming at 1:07:02. In the "Made in America" episode, you can skip from the 29 minute 55 second mark and resume at 40 minutes, with the second break at 1 hour 12 minutes 41 seconds and resuming at 1:15:36. 

Those who are following false teachers: you need to repent.

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